System for detection of Fuse Burn Internal Capacitors used in Bank of Power Distribution Substation

Alexandre Shozo Onuki, Bruno de Souza Nascimento, Lenon Loureiro Martins, Márcio Oliveira Filho, Nikoly de Fátima Horn Augusto


This work was the result of a study by University Santa Cecilia at the dealership location Power Distribu-tion, and the same derived from Research Paper entitled "Digital Capacitor Banks Electric Current Measurement Sys-tem Series and Data Transmission Device Bought Through no wire" conducted by the Research and Development pro-gram of ANEEL - National Electric Energy Agency and financed by the Company EATE - Amazonense Company Power Transmission S.A., the same was developed a methodology that enables the monitoring of burning internal fuses capacitors that make up the banks used in distribution stations for reactive compensation in networks primary, therefore were developed adaptive algorithms to perform the supervision of the contingency by observing the behavior of the neutral voltage of the set in question.

Keywords: Energy Distribution, Capacitor Bank, Monitoring Break Internal Fuse Capacitors and Supervision System

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