Feasibility Study for use of solar photovoltaic Systems in the Port of Santos–SP Brazil

Cauê Cartocci D'Ávila, Gerson Prando, José Carlos Morilla


The Port of Santos has a main role on Brazil’s commercial activities. Its expansion and modernization was followed by a rising demand of electric energy. The Hydroelectric Power Plant of Itatinga, built for generate energy to the port, was capable to meet this demand over decades; which does not occur nowadays due the harbor activities expansion. The photovoltaic solar energy is a renewable energy source which does not emit pollutants during the generation process, becoming more and more competitive in the energy market. Thus, the aim of this article is to analyze the viability of photovoltaic systems installation in the Port of Santos, in a way to solve or reduce the energy supply problem in port operations. In this study, the methodology used was a literature research in scientific and journalistic publications about the Port of Santos and its energetic consumption; and also about the photovoltaic solar energy and its development and application in Brazil, the world and other port complexes.


Keywords: Port of Santos, Photovoltaic solar energy, Renewable energetic source.

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