Optimization of the steel process with the development of a new coating with Tungsten Carbide for the deflector rollers of a temper mill

Ivair Ferreira D’Oliveira, Karl Kristian Bagger, Leandro Ferreira Gomes, Willy Ank de Morais


The current market steel production has a strong retraction, with declining consumption and consequently production, forcing large companies to do radical adjust on its production processes. To help reduce costs, from the maintenance point of view, one need to optimize the reliability and availability of equipment. In this work, has been studied the increased availability of a rolling equipment by replacing the actual coating applied by a new coating to the deflectors rolls used by a rolling mill work hardening, adopting as parameter of evaluation, the average deviation of elongation obtained by rolling of cold plates.

Keywords: Coatings; rolling elongation control; standard deviation; tungsten carbide.

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