Modeling and Simulating of Position control of a Sphere by a magnetic levitation System on Virtual Platform

Hyghor Miranda Côrtes, Alex Sander de Magalhães Pivoto


The paper describes the modeling and implementation of position control of a ball on virtual platform, but specifically by using Matlab version R2016a. The designed system aims to make a mass of ferromagnetic material levitate in mid-air with the application of an electromagnetic force generated by an electromagnet. Its system will be treated linearly at a given point of operation, it will soon be used linear transfer function, which can then perform well defined linear control techniques. Based on found transfer function of compensator is designed for the magnetic system for the purpose of stabilizing the same. At the end, it will be performed to validate the model through the system step response and root locus diagram.

Keywords: Industrial Automation, Automatic Control, Magnetic Levitator, Position Sensor.

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