Method of Planning, Programming and Production Control (PPCP) for a manufacturing cooperative: Proposal for the implementation of a Production order model for improving the Industrial Process

Donizete Pires Fernandes, Cláudio Rodrigo Torres


The great part of cost of a business is concentrated in the production process. The company which intends to compete against the current market cannot allow afford nor the waste neither the use of resources inefficiently. The objective of this study is proposes to ALFA, manufacturer of machines for the pharmaceutical industry, the implementation of the PPCP methodology. As a matter of professional ethics, the ALFA name was adopted to the locus of research. To contribute to the planning and control of industrial processes, and develop a planning and daily control of resources used in production, there was a detailed monitoring of the greenhouse Production of sixty trays from the first operation until the completion of the product, counting on the involvement of six employees and seven hundred sixty-three hours of production. This study proposes the creation of a production order that will allow daily control stages of production, and the costs involved from the first to the last operation, and training of production staff to work with the PPCP methodology. The proposed paper presents a theoretical framework, highlighting key topics of operations management and employee training.


Keywords: Production management. Production order. Industrial process

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