Adaptive Excitation Control for Synchronous Generator Based on Paraconsistent Logic

Raphael Adamelk Bispo de Oliveira, Jair Minoro Abe, Alexandre Rocco, Mauricio Conceição Mario, João Inácio da Silva Filho


This paper presents the development of a MPC (Model Predictive Control), using Paraconsistent Annotated Logic with annotation of two values (PAL2v), for a synchronous generator excitation control application, evaluating the performance of the Model Predictive Control based on PAL2v (MPC-PAL2v) for small signal stability analysis. Using the computational tool MATLAB®, from results obtained for the MPC-PAL2v, comparisons were made with respect of results presented by a combination of AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) and a PSS (Power System Stabilizer), and results presented by a conventional MPC.

Keywords: Synchronous Generator. Predictive Control. Paraconsistent Logic. Excitation Control, Stability

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