Paraconsistent System of Alarm Detector acting in Databases of Network for Transmission and Distribution of Electricity

Joseffe Barroso de Oliveira, João Inácio da Silva Filho, Maurício Conceição Mario


This article consists to present a model of normalization, processing and analysis of Electrical measurements and their Alarms aided by Paraconsistent Annotated Logic with annotation of two values Algorithms, a Non-Classical Logical able to withstand contradictory signals. Electrical measurements their alarms are obtained through transmission substations and distribution of electricity that consecutively are recorded in specific databases. After that, the data are migrated to a new database and normalized for Paraconsistent Logic application. The Paraconsistent Logic is using applied Para-Analyzer Algorithm with goal get important information as occurrences represented by the Logical State Resultant. With the Application is possible compare alarms triggered with resulting logical states obtained during the analysis. The result of this research was developed a computer system called ParaLogike Data Alarm able to perform paraconsistent analysis and detect alarms in transmission substations Database and Distribution of Electricity.


Keywords: Electrical Measurements. Alarms. Paraconsistent Annotated Logic. Para-Analyzer Algorithm.


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