Application of Parametric Statistics in the evaluation of the construction and demolition waste (CDW) in Santos city, Brazil

Orlando Carlos Baptista Damin, Aldo Ramos Santos, Deovaldo Moraes Junior


Admittedly the construction industry is a large consumer of natural resources and generation of waste, causing health hazards, urban decay and environment impact. Studies of quantification and identification of the disposal work distribution (buildings, roads, reforms, etc.) provide subsidies for implementation of public politics, whether through legislation or project design and intervention planning to mitigate the urban and environmental damage vectors. The objective of this study is the identification of the RCW generator poles in the city of Santos and the use of parametric statistics for the quantitative calculation and comparison to previous databases. Some locations previously described as underground deposits of RCW continue to be used.


RCW, rubbish, construction, construction waste

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