A proposed implementation of a guidance system of steel strips, rolls and protection of propellants in inspection line coils, cold rolled steel

Carlos Antônio Cardoso Gomes, Marcos Tadeu Tavares Pacheco


A line coil inspection aims to inspect, weigh and approve the material and consists of various equipments. Among them, the roller rolls propellants that are made ​​from carbon steel and coated with polyurethane and are designed to pull and drive the strip. The study aims to develop a guidance system for steel strip passing between the rollers without reaching the lining of the same. A survey of daily reports of the production line during the last 24 months was carried out. From these reports charts and graphics were plotted in order to better locate the criticals equipments in the line, in terms of emergency stops. It was found that the upper roll would require a larger number of exchanges over the bottom roll. It was also detected that the cause of exchange was due to damage to the coating caused by the tip of the steel strip during the process. After this observation a new system was designed to guide the rollers and at the same time protect them. It is made with a protective steel tube attached to a steel plate and it was installed before the rollers, for guiding the steel strip and to protect the rolls simultaneously. It is ensured the removal of the rollers for replacement during routine. The result was a reduction in line emergency stops from 13.5 hours per month to 2.3 hours per month, increasing the efficiency and productivity of the entire system.

Key words

Steel, inspection line, steel strip, rolls, rolls for protection, plate.

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