Study for inclusion of Paraconsistent Annotated logic in specific Standards for use in Programmable Controllers

Claudio Luiz Magalhães Fernandes, Maurício Conceição Mario, João Inacio Silva Filho


IEC 61131-3 has been developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization, formed by representatives of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and users of programmable controllers (PCs). The purpose of this Commission is to analyze the hardware, installation, testing, documentation, software, programming and communication of programmable controllers (PCs) seeking to define a standardization between the various manufacturers. IEC 61131-3 aims to generate software portability between different types of manufacturers of CPs seeking standardization and to meet the demands of the industrial community having as main features the adoption of programming languages, multi-tasking capabilities and Software reuse. In this paper is presented an application of Paraconsistent logic Annotated with annotation of two values (PAL2v) in automation and Control Systems through the inclusion of his algorithm in a CP-programmable controller following IEC 61131 in your item 7 which calls for the inclusion of non-classical logics in this type of equipment.

Keywords: non-classical logics, paraconsistent logic, process automation, programmable controller.

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