Signal attenuation when using the Ka band for access to Satellite Internet for Remote Monitoring Processes Machine Tools

Rolden Baptista, João Inácio Silva Filho, Carlos Nazareth Mota Marins


Currently the modern means of transmission of signals allows the made monitoring and real-time control of machines, even for long distances. The study of appropriate means for the transmission of signals from sensors instruments over long distances, without fading, presents itself as a new challenge for the research in mechanical engineering in the automation and control area. In this study, we present the alternative of satellite communications, which is being revolutionized with the exploration of Ka band, mainly in data transmission and Internet access. This new technology is globalizing and universalizing broadband access in places where, previously, it was not possible. The fading of the signal by rain is its major drawback, but it is being circumvented by Adaptive Coding and Modulation techniques, Power Control Up-link and the geographical distribution of gateways.


Signal transmission, Ka-band, satellite, Internet, automation and control, VSAT.

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