Stress relief by sub-harmonic vibrations

Carlos Augusto Pereira Martins, José Carlos Morilla, Paulo Villani Marques, Sergio Delijaicov


The worldwide industries use the sub-resonant vibration stress relief and welding conditioning for more than twenty years. In Brazil, this technique is used for more than fifteen years, with practical results satisfactorily proved. The reduction of waste of energy and time is about 95% 1, regards to thermal processes, allowing a faster repairing pieces, which is prime factor to make a maintenance stop in a small time. The target of this work is present some examples of successful jobs made at capital goods industry, its direct application at basis industry and also present a proposal to make an experimental research to measure the welding residual stress, before and after the vibration treatment, comparing to conventional heat treatment. These researches are being made by an association between Santa Cecília University - UNISANTA, Minas Gerais Federal University – UFMG, and FEI – Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial - University Center. This technique is used in Brazil for more than fifteen years and this treatment will be done at series 2400 Metalax equipment, acquired in 2011, which have accurate precision for reliving the residual stress of the welding. With this work, we expect to obtain scientific evidence of the effectiveness of procedures for relief of tension by vibration, which meet industrial expectations and may contribute to the economy of energy.

Key word

Residual stress, stress relief, mechanical vibration

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