Experimental Analysis of the Influence of Thermal Treatment on Electrical Discharge Machining of Tool Steels

Daniel Alves Sodré, Willy Ank de Morais


The Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is considered an unconventional manufacturing process, being used in the machining of conductive materials allowing the preparation of metal components in the most varied conditions of mechanical term treatment and hardness. This is one of the main processes used by the tooling industry, due its dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and superior surface integrity. However, the parameters used for control of machinery and execution of this process do not consider heat treatment or hardness of parts as a variable. Thus, the objective of this study is to evaluate the behavior of ABNT NM 122 grade D2 and grade O1 steels with and without heat treatment quenching and tempering machined electro. It was observed a dimensional variation, and surface roughness integrity between the samples was observed.

Keywords: Electrical discharge machining; EDM by penetration; machining; heat treatment.

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