Analysis of Potential use of FCAW-S Welding Process In Execution of Deep Foundations

Guilherme Reigada Pinheiro de Souza, Jean Romblsperger de Barros, Kaique Lucas Cruz, Maike de Mattos Carvalho, Raul de Oliveira Martins, Ricardo Feitosa de Souza, Vitor Hugo Godoy Vecchi Lanza, Natal de Jesus Gaspar, Willy Ank de Morais


The welding processes are widely used in various segments of Metal-Mechanical, Civil and Naval Industries. These sectors seek to the introduction of innovations and the consolidation of modern and advanced welding techniques. In this sense, the objective of this study was to study the applicability of self-protecting cored wire electrode (FCAW-s), with emphasis on structural steel used in deep foundations of civil construction. As a result, It was obtained a comparison of the two techniques of electric arc welding (FCAW-S and SMAW), regarding time, quality, cost and productivity.

Keywords: Welding; cored wire; productivity; structural steel; construction; deep foundations.

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