Study of the Failure of a Turbine Blade from a Steam Nitrous Gas Synthesis Compressor Power Train

Ricardo A. Ferreira da Silva, Willy Ank de Morais


This work deals with the study of the failure of a steam turbine blade that occurs in a repetitive way. Several hypotheses of failure were investigated: design; material; evaluation of vibration conditions and other typical aspects of design (Campbell diagram, Safe Diagram, frequency of injection nozzle, safety factor, forces on the blade from steam and centrifuge force, etc.). The evaluations were compared with the calculated stresses that act on the blades, found analytically and through finite elements analysis (FEA). In this way, the expected condition of life for the blade, that was estimated by the determined stresses and also by the statistical study of the fault data, using the Weibull distribution. In this way, the cause of the failure of the blade was identified and a solution was proposed so that the blade meets the operational conditions of the plant in terms of useful life and reliability.

Keywords: Turbine blade; failure analysis; fatigue.

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