Petri net Technique: A graphical Representation for the Robot Emmy II

Maurício F. Blos, Neila Karina Rodrigues, Hyghor Miranda Côrtes, Sérgio Luiz Hoeflich


The robot Emmy II is an autonomous robot, whose operation is based on the Paraconsistent Annotated Logic (PAL) with six logical states. Its control system, called as ParaControl, is capable to deal with the uncertainty situations, of inconsistency and contradictory in a non-trivial way. Petri net (PN) as a graphical technique provides a uniform environment for modeling discrete event systems (DES). In this paper, PN will be used as an interpreter of ParaControl by giving some graphical rules for Emmy’s locomotion process.

Keywords: Robot Emmy II, Paraconsistent Annotated Logic, Logical States, ParaControl, Petri nets, Discrete Event Systems.

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