Vol 2, No 1 (2013)

Published by: Universidade Santa Cecília (ISESC)

Table of Contents


Simulation of a Reservoir with Forecast of Some Scenes of Water Demands in a Basin with Few Hydrologic Data PDF
Ivanilto Andreolli 1-11
Improvement in the positioning system in the output coil cold rolled steel PDF
Carlos Antônio C Gomes, Marcos Tadeu T Pacheco 12-14
Analysis of the use of the apparatus moisture detector PDF
José dos Ramos de Almeida Batista, Aldo Ramos Santos 15-18
Application of corrosion inhibitors in oil and gas industry PDF
Luis Paulo Garcia, Aldo Ramos Santos 19-23
Techniques based on Paraconsistent Annotated Logic in the assessment of the mussel Perna perna response (Linnaeus, 1758) PDF
Luiz Fernando G. Nogueira, Camilo Dias Seabra Pereira, João Inacio Da Silva Filho 24-30
An Analysis of the role of engineering maintenance during commissioning activities: a case study PDF
Jaime Barbosa Milheiro, Aldo Ramos Santos, Marcos Tadeu T. Pacheco 31-35
Use of titanium alloy implants for total hip replacement PDF
Rolden Baptista, José Carlos Morilla 36-39
Analysis of economic profitability of a Flexible Production System through the Concept of Computer Integrated PDF
Vander Celio Nunes, Ivanil Corrêa Lopes 40-49

ISSN: 2317-1316