Vol 3, No 1 (2014)

Published by: Universidade Santa Cecilia (ISESC)

Table of Contents


Engine/fan to the experimental unit of pneumatic conveying in diluted phase: displacement of soya beans PDF
V.A. Tavares, Karina T.C. Roseno, Deovaldo Moraes Jr, Aldo Ramos Santos 1-5
A study for comparative Evaluation of Cyanide Removal in Coke Plant Wastewater by Chemical Methods PDF
JLS Alves, J.M. Mendes, Antonio Santoro 6-10
Response Simulation of Industrial Processes with FOPDT (First Order Plus Dead Time) model PDF
F.J.C. Branquinho, Maurício Conceição Mário 11-15
A study to determination of thermal conductivity of in-sulating solid materials in cylindrical conductivimeter PDF
Hernandes Souza Brandão, Marcelo Oliveira Penco, Carlos E. Ferreira Leite, Gustavo Rodrigues, Aparecido J. Santana, Tamires C. Silva Santos, Maria Fernanda Bastos, Aldo Ramos Santos, Deovaldo Moraes Jr 16-20
Study automation features, using techniques of Artificial Intelligence, to support the processes of diagnostics in the field of speech therapy PDF
Débora A. C. Nogueira, Maurício Conceição Mário 21-24
Remarks on Paraconsistent Annotated Evidential Logic Et PDF
Jair Minoro Abe 25-30
Structural analysis of pathological and light towers from the beaches of Santos city PDF
Fernanda PHR Santos, Marcelo R. de Paula Dias, Salvador R. de Medeiros, Silvio José V. Vicente, Orlando Carlos B. Damin 31-35
Heat Efficiency of Static Mixer Type LPD in a Dual-Tube Heat Exchanger PDF
M. M. Tavares, V. R. Santos 36-43

ISSN: 2317-1316