Vol 3, No 2 (2014)

Published by: Universidade Santa Cecilia (ISESC)

Table of Contents


Analysis of gain of Energy in Process tanks using thermal insulation of Liquid surface with Plastic Balls PDF
Antonio Pousa Neto, Marcilio Dias Lopes, Paulo Rogério Meneses de Sousa, Vitor da Silva Rosa, Eliane da Silva Gois, Thiago Cilli, Deovaldo Moraes Junior 44-48
Importance of traps in Industrial Processes PDF
Carlos Bartolotto Filho, Karina Tamião de Campos Roseno 49-51
Metallography utilization process for Stainless Steel PSV Failure Assessment PDF
Nestor Ferreira Carvalho, Marcus Vinícius Gonçalves, Roberto Egon Heinrich, Aldo Ramos Santos, Deovaldo de Moraes Junior 52-58
Research of the effect of of Process Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of Structural Plates of C-Mn-Nb-Ti Steels PDF
Patrícia Pala Diniz, Yago Reitz de Castro, Willy Ank de Morais Ank de Moraes 59-62
Application of Paraconsistent Logic in Assessment Process Learning with using of the Rubric PDF
Enir da Silva Fonseca, João Inácio da Silva Filho 63-66
Preparation of The Pilot Project for Monitoring Evaporator and Training Modes and cleaning of fouling resulting from process PDF
Claudio Rodrigues, Luiz Henrique Schiavon 67-72
Improvement in the efficiency of Reading Gages Electronic Transmission by Frequency Modulated PDF
Humberto Sousa Silva, José Carlos Morilla 73-75
Analysis using the Weibull distribution with two and three parameters to determine the flexural strength of Ceramic Materials PDF
Fernando Gonzales Tavares, Willy Ank de Morais, Enir da Silva Fonseca, Thyrson Niênio Rodrigues Sousa 76-81

ISSN: 2317-1316